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Welcome to my online writing portfolio. I created this website with the purpose of showcasing samples of my writing, both published and unpublished and expanding my existing freelance e-communications business. If you are interested in freelance web/e-communication/editing services, please click on the "Freelance" tab above. I have also posted my resume to give you an idea of my professional experience.

I feel fortunate in that I have lived on three different continents - Africa (South Africa), Middle East (Israel) and North America (Florida and Philadelphia) in my 30 plus years on this earth. My geographical wanderings have provided me with a unique perspective on life, which I have capitalized on in my writing and professional life.

Despite earning a law degree in South Africa, I have worked for the past 10+ years as a web and e-communications professional on a full-time and freelance basis. I love my not-so-chosen vocation and look forward to helping organizations and business realize their full e-communications potential. Please click here for more.



Writing Highlights

Humor:  "I wondered to myself whether cashiers in the geriatric belt of Florida attended special preparatory classes entitled, "Dealing with Difficult New York Jews 101" or "Fundamentals of Jewish Foodstuffs: Kishkes to Kneidals 101." Did Jean know that Herman was arguing with her over stuffed intestines?"
Herman's Mistake

Features: The faint smell of Lexington cigarettes wafted towards me through a crack in a door adjoining the bathroom. I walked towards it and gently pushed open the door. I peered into a darkened, smoky room, and saw my beloved Tina sitting at a small table inhaling deeply on her cigarette.
A World Apart, Footsteps Away