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Astrology - The Science of the Stars (Web Content)

Astrology - who uses it?

People from all walks of life use astrology. It helps everyone from teachers and educators, to politicians, students, and professionals. Counselors use astrology as an excellent tool for offering insight into a myriad of relationships, including marital and business.

People at different stages in their lives can find meaning through astrology. It can help them to shed light on their lives and its challenges.

Astrology - When can it help you?

An astrological map becomes very useful during times of crisis. Often we find ourselves in predicaments that leave us with a feeling of bewilderment or a sense of being lost. We no longer feel rooted and as stable as we thought we were. Astrology helps one to develop self-awareness which enhances our understanding of what we are going through. It helps us to turn these crucial times into positive growth experiences rather than feelings of defeat and negativity.

Astrology - for healthier relationships:

Did you ever walk into a room, meet a perfect stranger and yet feel an inexplicable closeness to him/her from the very start? Do you understand why, of all your co-workers, there is one that gets on your nerves no matter what they do or say and yet no one else has
this effect on you? Do you really comprehend how the relationship between two fantastic people goes sour and what has triggered this collapse? Can you explain why couples who clearly do not want to be
together find themselves cemented together and cannot seem to sever ties? And as a parent, do you not seek a means to better understand your children so that you can relate to them in a healthy and positive manner?

King Solomon, renowned for his wisdom, summed up the
essence of educating correctly in one simple sentence:

"Educate the youth according to his personal nature - then, even if he grows old, he will not leave it (the right path)."

The message is clear: first learn the child's nature and then you can go about educating him properly. Astrology is a tool to developing this understanding.

Astrology - the instrument to realize your potential and uniqueness:

All of mankind is born with similar features: two eyes, two ears, one nose, and a mouth -- yet every person is unique from another. As much as we all have the same basic form, we all have our very distinct, individual look. Similarly, we can carry this physical idea into astrology. Every astrological map is made up of the twelve signs, the sun, moon, the planets and various other astronomical features in the sky that are significant from an astrological perspective. However, the way these elements are aligned is what makes one person uniquely different from another in every possible way -- be it physical, emotional, or mental. Deciphering these symbols is what astrology is all about. It is the professional astrologer who, through his/her experience, can counsel you to achieve the self-awareness that each human-being should strive to reach and attain.

How can astrology help you?

Often people are not consciously aware of the reasons for their actions and why they react the way they do. Further, they do not perceive various patterns that repeat themselves in the experiences they go through. Even when they do realize there is a pattern to their
behaviors, they are mystified as to what they can do with this knowledge to grow from their experiences. Use astrology to learn to ride "the waves of life" so that it can bring you closer to the shore, to strong, safe ground.

" Knowledge is Power"
" Character is destiny"

As the Talmudic scholars have taught us:

"Everything is foreseen, yet the choice is yours!"


What is Sh-al?

Sh-al comes from the Hebrew root of the word "to ask".

We are given to understand the significance of the holiday of Passover - the time Israel becomes a nation - through the sayings of the Haggadah. The Haggadah is based on questions. The four questions of the Ma Nishtana - why is this night different all other nights?

The four sons - it is through their questions or lack of questions that we understand which son stands before us - the scholar or the wicked, the naïve or the one who does not know how to ask! To this last son the Talmudic scholars advise us to open him up to knowledge by telling him the tale so that eventually he will learn to ask the right questions.

Similarly, Sh-al offers you the opportunity of asking about yourselves.
Know thyself -- for that knowledge is the key to your success.

How to go about it:

Sh-al is an astrological website which gives you the opportunity to have your astronomical map analyzed by studying your specific birth-date, time and place of birth. Preferably, it is done on a one-on-one basis during a consultation in Jerusalem, Israel. Connecting mysticism with the spirituality of the Land of Israel is a rewarding and memorable experience. Next time you plan to visit Israel make an appointment with Sara-Talia for this unique and meaningful experience!

Once the initial meeting is held, contact can be maintained via e-mail or fax. In this way, Sara-Talia can continue to assist you should any future questions arise. The cost of a two-hour consultation in Jerusalem is $150.

However, if circumstances do not permit you to visit Israel for a personal consultation, Sara-Talia is willing to correspond with you through e-mail or fax. This e-mail service includes two phone call consultations.
Cost: $95

During her visits to Europe and the USA, Sara-Talia will accept appointments scheduled through the Sh-al office.

About Us

Sara-Talia is an experienced consulting astrologist who interlinks the world of astrological science with Jewish traditional viewpoints. In this way, she merges the two worlds and transforms what may be perceived as contradictory worlds, into one complementary experience.

Sara- Talia has lectured widely and given consultations to people in all fields: politics, business, medicine and others. She has given consultations in the Israeli Knesset and offers counsel to
educators and social workers in dealing with youth in crisis.

References are available upon request.

Contact Us:
Address: 4 Ha-ma'alot Street

Phone - from the USA: 972-56-613661

Phone - in Israel: 053 -935674

Internet: http://www.sh-al.com

E-mail: info@sh-al.com