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Navah BarMitzvah Appeal (Direct Mailing)

July 27, 2003

Dear Rabbis, Educators and Community Leaders,

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our organization, the Navah Distribution Fund (NAVAH), in the hope that you will participate in our new initiative aimed at Bar and Bat Mitzvah-age students in your community.

NAVAH, an acronym for a Non-profit Association for Volunteering and Assisting the Hurt, was established to render much needed aid, support (both emotional and financial) and encouragement to the victims of terror attacks in Israel. There are over 10,000 people in Israel who have been injured in terrorist attacks or who have family members that have been killed or injured. NAVAH volunteers spend hours visiting these victims after each attack, and distribute care packages together with a monetary endowment, donated from people around the world. This communicates to the victims of terror that many people from many countries are behind them during this most difficult time; that people care about them and pray for their recovery.

Becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah marks the transition from childhood to adulthood in Jewish Law, and with it comes the responsibilities of leading a meaningful Jewish life. Jewish tradition views charity as the strongest force in the universe; and what better way to instill this most important Jewish value than to encourage Bar/Bat Mitzvah youngsters to support NAVAH as part of their simcha by encouraging their guests to make gifts to NAVAH in their name. Such gifts will enable NAVAH to continue to provide their essential volunteer services and financial grants to victims of terror and their families.

In July, a Los Angeles family brought their daughter to Israel to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. At a special meeting hosted by NAVAH the Bat Mitzvah girl donated all her Bat Mitzvah gifts, totaling $6,500, to the NAVAH fund. At the moving gathering thirteen terror victims and their families personally accepted her generous donation.

It in the spirit of this wonderful example that we appeal to you, the leaders and educators in your community, to encourage your students to support their brothers and sisters in Israel who have fallen victim to terrorism. Only through the caring and generosity of people like you can NAVAH continue to provide their vital assistance. We appreciate your participation in helping us help others.

Yours truly,

Name of Person

For Resumermation, please visit NAVAH online at www.navah.org.il