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Navah Chanukah Copy (Web Content)

This Chanukah, as we gather together with our family and friends to light the menorah, let us be sure not to forget those who can no longer share the holiday with their loved ones and those whose lives have been changed forever.

In Israel, there are so many families affected by terrorism that must now cope with their new realities. Help us to LIGHT UP SMILES and let them know that we truly care about them and share their pain.

NAVAH's "LIGHT UP SMILES" campaign enables you to send your warm wishes and words of comfort along with a care package filled with specialty treats for the holiday of Chanukah. NAVAH will also be collecting Chanukah cards from children around the world to be distributed along with these packages.

Additionally, NAVAH will be distributing teddy bears to terror survivors just in time for the holiday along with the Chanukah treats. (For the full story about the teddy bears click here )

Be involved in this wonderful campaign to LIGHT UP SMILES. Your gift and thoughtfulness will do much to lift the spirits of those who are suffering.
NAVAH wishes you and your family a wonderful Chanukah full of joy and happiness.
Click here to send a care package.