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Lighting Up Smiles, Across the Miles… (Direct Mailing)

Throughout Israel, in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and in private homes, there are hundreds of victims of terror recuperating from physical and emotional trauma. Their lives have been forever changed, their hopes shattered, and their families torn apart.

Who, if not children, the epitomy of innocence and beauty, can impact the lives of victims of terror and uplift their spirits? Children have a natural gift for opening hearts, and radiating joy - bringing light where there is only darkness and gloom.

This Chanukah, the NAVAH Fund, a non-profit association for volunteering and assisting victims of terror, will visit almost every person who has been hurt in a terror attack -- sitting by their bedside, listening to them, and crying with them. Moreover, they will be distributing festive care packages, and a monetary endowment, in the form of Chanukah gelt raised in a special Chanukah initiative.

Recognizing the extraordinary gift of children to bring cheer and comfort, the NAVAH Fund is appealing to children from around the world to send Chanukah cards to victims of terror. These cards will be attached to festive care packages and delivered by the NAVAH volunteers to victims of terror all over Israel. The NAVAH Fund has learnt from its "Kids Unite for Israel" project (an initiative that encourages children to send drawings to victims of terror), that these childish expressions of love and concern greatly affect victims of terror, and infuse their fractured lives with a feeling of hope and comfort. Indeed, on follow-up visits, NAVAH volunteers have frequently found these colorful pictures decorating the walls and bedsides of victims of terror.

Make this a special Chanukah for Israeli terror victims -- encourage your children to light up smiles across the miles!

For more information about the NAVAH Distribution Fund:
Contact Us:
Toll-free from America: 1-877-359-2225
Toll-free from Canada: 1-877-916-2225
In Israel: +972-2-579-0614
From Anywhere Else: + 972-2-570-2215
Email: main@supportvictims.org
Website: www.SupportTerrorVictims.org