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KDVP High School Reunion Website

Israel Guide 101

Restaurant Review

The Trick

A Very Short Story

Why Must Men Shoot Ducks?

This is the catch-all section of the website which includes a variety of articles and poetry.

For the last 9 years, I have worked in web/online content development in my professional life. In September 2003, after months of work, I lauched www.kdvp1987.com an online reunion of my 1987 high school graduation class. It was a roaring success - reconnecting my ex-classmates and providing hours of fun and online enjoyment.

The Israel Guide 101 was put together for a friend of mine embarking on his first trip to Israel. It is a comprehensive collection of useful tips and sight-seeing recommendations.

The Trick is a rather morose piece written during a spell of the blues while living in Israel. It is the embodiment of that overwhelming fear of being alone forever, a feeling often exacerbated in Israel, a very-family oriented society.

A Very Short Story is exactly that - a rather frivolous little story that popped into my head one day.

And finally, I have posted a few of my poems in this section...