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TLC Communications Website FAQ


Is it possible for me to receive my cellular phone number in advance?

Yes. If you request a phone more than 3 days in advance we can provide you with a phone number so that you can give thenumber out and forward calls to your TLC rental phone. Contact your local phone carrier for details on call forwarding.

Bonus: If you are a frequent traveler to Israel, we can give you your own personal number to use at all times - super convenient for those frequent, last minute travel plans.

Can I open a corporate account with TLC Communications?

Yes. Businesses can open a corporate account. A registered corporate account will entitle you to discounted rental andcall charges on your account. For details on how to set up a corporate account contact TLC Communications or click here for our online corporate account registration form.

What happens if I lose my rental phone?

You are responsible for the safekeeping of your phone until it is returned to TLC Communications. We provide insurance on any rental with a deductible. The cost of insurance will vary depending on the length of your stay.The replacement cost of the phone, without insurance is: $195.00. Inthe event that your phone is lost or stolen call *123 immediately from any Cellcom phone or 09 959-5999 from any Israeli landline. This will ensure that you are not charged for calls that you do not make.


When will I receive my bill?
Invoices are emailed within three weeks of your return. Students and other long-term renters are billed monthly.


How far in advance do I have to order?
We can accept a reservation within 24 hours of delivery.

How do I order?
It's very simple. Click here to order or call toll-free 1-877-878-6264

Delivery & Return

Can I pick up my phone upon arrival at the airport?
Yes. For your convenience, TLC Communications has arranged for its clients to pick up their cell phones at the Nesher taxi station upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport. If you prefer, TLC can deliver your cell phone to you at your hotel or elsewhere. At the end of your stay, simply place it in the self-addressed envelope provided by TLC and drop it off at the 24-hour postal service at the airport departure terminal. Nothing could be simpler or more convenient! Before you return the phone to TLC Communications, call 02-570-9102 to deactivate your phone to prevent incurring rental fees for the time it takes for the phone to arrive back at our offices.

Can TLC Communications provide next day delivery?
Yes. TLC Communications offers next day delivery except on weekendsand holidays. We require 48 hours prior notice.

How do I return my phone?
You can either have your phone picked up from your location in Jerusalem or mail it back to us as described above.

Using your Phone:

Can I use my calling card or callback service with your phone?
Yes, use of these services is available from our cellphones. You will only be charged for the local landline charges. You will not be charged by TLC Communications for any long distance portion of the calls.

Can I use my laptop PC to send faxes or email?
Yes. Please call us in Jerusalem at 02-570-9102 for model types that can work together with our phones.

What happens if the phone is turned off and someone tries to call?

Your phone call will go directly to your voice mailbox to leave a message.

What is my voice mailbox password?
All passwords are preset to 1234#. You can change that password at any time by following the instructions within the voice mailbox.

Can I activate my voice mailbox from a landline telephone?

Yes, you simply dial your cell # and at the beginning of the message hit the# key. You will hear a prompt for your password. Enter your password and continue to use as normal.

How do I dial abroad?

Simply dial 00, country code + area code + number ie.00+1+212+555-1212

Is there a number I can call, 24 hours a day, while I am in Israel, for technical support?

Yes, simply dial *123 from your cellular phone.

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