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A World Apart, Footsteps Away

HIV AIDS and the Law of Confidentiality

As Long As I Live...

The Two Faces of Regret

A Foreigner's View on the US Elections(Philadelphia 10/04)

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Israel Guide 101

Restaurant Review (Israel)
Restaurant Review (Philadelphia)

The Trick

A Very Short Story

Why Must Men Shoot Ducks?

In this section, you can read a selection of my feature writing. I have chosen examples that reflect the versatility of my writing.

A World Apart, Footsteps Away is a very personal essay about my earliest recollections of injustice in South Africa. When you are born in a country where having servants is the norm, and where the lives of black and white South Africans are separate and disparate, you assume the rest of the world is the same. And yet, as this feature portrays, from a very young age, I had a sense that something was not quite right.

The feature on HIV AIDS was written while I was in law school - it is a precis of my final law thesis on the same topic.

As Long as I Live and The Two Faces of Regret where published in the Israeli Holocaust Museum quarterly magazine. Meeting one of the few survivors of the Sobibor concentration camp (the subject of As Long as I Live) was a most moving experience.

The review of Between the Arches restaurant was written in Israel in 2000.

In November 2008, I began writing a weekly column for The Spirit Newspaper entitled Scarlet's Web - an Internet advice column.

You will also find links to some of my poetry and assorted writings...