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TLC Communications Website: Advertising Flyer

Why TLC Communications is your first choice for cellular phone rental in the USA and Israel:

· Low long distance rates both abroad and local USA
· Best rates to Israel and to mobile phones in Israel
· Special low rates phone plan for students studying abroad in Israel
· Competitive rates for local calls

TLC Communications local and long distance rates speak for themselves:

· $0.69 a day cellphone rental
· $0.19 per minute to Cellcom & landline phones
· $0.39 per minute to the USA, UK, Canada
· Optional insurance -- $2.50 per week

TLC Communications has established a reputation as a trustworthy company committed to the highest standards of service and equipment. Their goal is to enable their customers to enjoy the advantages of a cellular phone by providing the best rates, attentive 24-hour service, and all round convenience.

Why customers choose TLC Communications:

· All bills are itemized
· Clear connections are guaranteed
· Easy sign up, no contracts
· 24-hour, professional customer service

Let TLC Communications take care of your local and international cellular phone needs today:

Toll free from America - 1-877-878-6264
Toll free from Canada - 1-877-636-6264
In Israel - 972-2-570-9102
E-mail: info@tlcphones.co.il

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