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The NAVAH Distribution Fund (Web Content)

A Non-Profit Association for Volunteering & Assisting the Injured

There are thousands of people who have been affected by the situation in Israel. Many families have been torn apart, so many hearts broken, and so many lives shattered or lost. The NAVAH Fund was established to assure victims of terror that they are not alone, that there is a place in our heart that feels their pain, and shares their suffering. The volunteers of NAVAH spend hours visiting victims after each attack, sitting by their bedside, listening to them, and crying with them. The emphasis on bikur cholim (visiting the sick) is what makes NAVAH unique. NAVAH distributes care packages, together with a monetary endowment from people around the world. These small tokens communicate to the victims of terror that many people from many countries are behind them during this most difficult time. People care about them and pray for their recovery. At NAVAH, we make an effort to keep in touch with the victims of terror we visit, and continue to help them with their various needs.

The NAVAH Fund has established three ways for you to make a difference.

A. With your donation, we will assemble and deliver care packages along with your greeting card to the victims of terror in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and at home. When we deliver the packages, we take time to get to know the recipients, to talk to them and sometimes to cry with them. These care packages make a huge impact on the recipients and do much to really lift their spirits. Words cannot express what it means to a victim to receive warm wishes from someone who they do not even know, but who took the time to care.
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B. Each victim that we meet is struggling with his or her specific situation. On each visit that we make to terror victims, we give each one a one-time grant that they can use for whatever they need. What sets NAVAH apart is that it is usually the first grant that victims of terror receive; enabling them to get the help they need during the first crucial days after an attack. In general, most of the victims of terror are ordinary Israelis, with few financial resources - people who were passengers on a bus or shopping in an open market at the time of a terror attack. All grants are of equal value - the amount of money received determines the size of the grant. Please help us to help them and make a donation so that we can distribute as much money as possible. (Donations are tax deductible)
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C. We invite all schoolchildren from around the world to express their concern for their Israeli brothers and sisters by drawing pictures and writing messages of support. From our experience, the pictures that we deliver to victims of terror from these children have impacted them a great deal. A while ago we visited a man in hospital and brought him some of the pictures we'd received from our Kids Unite for Israel initiative. A month later when we came to visit again, he had hung all of the pictures around his bed. Encourage your school or synagogue to get involved in this worthy initiative.
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For the upcoming holiday of Chanukah, we are trying to get both adults and children involved in reaching out to victims of terror. Over the holidays, we will be visiting victims of terror in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and at home to distribute care packages and Chanukah gelt to help them get through this difficult time.
Help us to light up smiles over the holiday!

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