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Herman's Mistake
Peregrine in Paradise

Thin and Bear It

Five Obtuse Questions

A Cut Above
A Wet Lament
Down In Front
A Fishy Foray
Media Shuk-up
Stench Politics
Pope Runs Amok
Da Comrade
A Bus Brouhaha
Roommate Roulette

On these pages, you can read a selection of my humor writing.

Herman's Mistake and Peregrine in Paradise were both based on experiences that took place in Florida. I moved to Florida after living in Israel for six years. When I arrived there I felt like I'd landed in Paradise. After living in two of the most politically volatile countries in the world, South Africa and Israel, Florida seemed the most serene and laid back place. No discernable violence, no bus bombs, no stress. Just pristine beaches, geriatrics and mega-stores. Two months after arriving in Delray Beach, I was shocked to see the hideous events of 9/11 unfold. Not only that, but it was revealed that the 9/11 terrorists had been living just blocks away from my home. It seemed I could not escape terrorism - the irony was palpable.

Thin and Bear It and Five Obtuse Questions were written in South Africa while I was studying law. The former was published in a glossy commercial magazine, the latter appeared in the prestigious Law Society of South Africa Magazine - "De Rebus". Much to my delight, it was noticed in Queensland, Australia and subsequently reprinted in their law society magazine, "The Proctor".

The majority of the articles (from A Cut Above to Roommate Roulette) was written in Israel, a country which, though terrifying at times, is full of wonderful absurdities and hilarious ironies, which makes for outstanding humor-writing material. The vast majority of experiences described in these pieces actually took place, though obviously I have exaggerated some of the circumstances for my own humorous ends.