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JewishStreet: Press Release

For Immediate Release
February 16, 2002


(Los Angeles) February 16, 2002: Jess Dolgin, CEO of E-Shop Enterprises LLC which operates JewishStreet.com, announces the exclusive acquisition of VirtualJerusalem.com, the largest online Jewish community. Prior to this acquisition, Virtual Jerusalem was owned and operated by Virtual Jerusalem Holdings, an Israeli company jointly formed in January 2001, by E-Shop Enterprises LLC, Totally PLC and Bank HaPoalim.

Virtual Jerusalem, which was formed in 1994, offers its members innovative, interactive features, while at the same time delivering quality content in it's News, Leisure, Judaism and Food sections. "Virtual Jerusalem is thriving, pluralistic community, " explained editor Daniella Slon, "we are constantly adding state-of-the-art interactive tools and seeking the best of Jewish media so that our members can enjoy the ultimate Jewish online experience."

E-Shop's latest acquisition places them at the forefront of online Jewish media. Already the operators of the most successful Jewish e-commerce site, JewishStreet.com, the addition of VirtualJerusalem.com to their stable strengthens their position.


For additional information, please contact:
Jess Dolgin, CEO - E-Shop Enterprises, LLC., 5225 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 204,
Los Angeles, CA 90036: Tel. 1-323-939-9377; Fax. 1-323-939-9066. Email: jess@jewishstreet.com
Tel: 323-939-9377
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