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Website Development - KDVP High School Reunion Website

In March 2003, the idea was born to create a VIRTUAL high school reunion for my graduating class of 1987. I had lost touch with many of my ex-classmates from Kind David High School, Victory Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sixteen years after graduation, I wondered, where is everyone? What are they doing?

Thus began a huge effort to find my 80 or so ex-classmates who live on practically every continent in the world - Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom (Europe), Hong Kong (Asia), Israel (Middle East), Canada and the USA (North America). Tracing them was a huge, but exhilerating mission. After approximately 5 months, with help from other classmates, I was able to contact about two thirds of our graduation class. It was wonderful to reconnect and catch up. I sent everyone the same four questions, waited for their responses and accompanying photographs, and then started the awesome task of putting it all onto a website. The result was amazing, everyone was euphoric and thrilled to find out what their fellow classmates had accomplished since leaving high school. Creating this reunion website was one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done in my life.

Click to www.kdvp1987.com to view the website. [Note: this Web site is no longer online, it was taken down after a year]