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Fly-A-Cake: Kids Letter Writing Campaign (Direct Mailing)

Dear Principal/teacher:

For the past few months, an Israeli company, Fly-a-cake, has been running a non-profit initiative to deliver care packages to Israeli victims of terror of all ages. These special deliveries have brought much comfort and support, evident in tens of thank you letters received. Encouraged by these positive reactions, Fly-a-cake has decided to launch a second initiative that aims to uplift the spirits of child victims and enrich their shattered lives, by bringing them closer to other children around the world.

We invite your school to participate in this meaningful project to help the many Israeli children whose lives have been irreparably damaged by terrorism. All over Israel, in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and at home, the young victims of terror attacks are slowly recovering from their emotional and physical injuries. For many of these children and their families, life will never be the same.

Fly-a-cake invites all schoolchildren the world over to express their concern for their Israeli brothers and sisters by drawing pictures for them or writing them messages of support. The children's creations will be attached to care packages and delivered to young terror victims by Fly-a-cake. The purpose of campaign is to help child victim recipients feel less isolated and hopeless, while children who reach out through their artwork or writing will experience the satisfaction of doing something proactive to ease the suffering of Israeli child victims.

Please contact Fly-a-Cake, toll free from USA 1 866-408-5485 or Israel +972-2-570-2215, to find out how your school can participate in this important project.