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She left it
in her room
amongst her other clutter,
locked the front door
behind her
and left.

On her way down
the chipped stairs
she tugged at her
too tight bra,
willing her breasts
to fit into their cramped spaces.

She sniffed her wrists
to assure herself
that the reek of urine
clung to the building
and not to herself.

She stared briefly
at her image
in the cracked
remains of the foyer mirror.

She puckered her cerise lips
and ran her fingers
through her newly
washed tangles.
then, she smiled.

Balancing on her stilettos
she marched confidently
towards the inner city
enclave of life.

On her way
she leered in a boutique windows
and thought about
all the money she'd make
pleasuring pitiful men.

helpless amongst the clutter
a baby wailed.