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Navah: Newsletter September/October 2003 (Web Content)


September/October 2003

NAVAH takes this opportunity to thank everyone who made generous donations during the Rosh Hashana period. Your gifts brightened up the festival for hundreds of terror victims and their families. For so many people, a chag can be a painful time when they remember someone they have lost to terror or it is a time for reflection when they struggle anew with their frightening reality.

It is with this in mind that NAVAH was overwhelmed by the generosity of people all over the world who reached out over the high holidays to donate money to victims of terror in their most lonely and desperate time of need. Below are two heartwarming stories of two communities - Swiss and American - who showed the true meaning of generosity and caring for their Israeli brothers and sisters. Through their inspirational efforts, they succeeded in bringing much joy to terror victims over the Rosh Hashanah holiday.


The Federation of Swiss Jewish Communities reach out to Israeli terror victims

In an inspiring community fundraising effort, the Federation of Swiss Jewish Communities undertook an initiative recently to raise $1 per family to help Israeli victims of terror. Thousands of families participated. The Federation donated the moneys to NAVAH thus enabling them to send one thousand care packages to terror victims and their families. The gifts were attached with their personal greetings which read: "This gift was sent to you as a present from the Swiss Jewish community. They wish to express their unlimited solidarity with you, their brothers and sisters in Israel." NAVAH volunteers traveled throughout Israel, delivering these packages in time for Rosh Hashanah.

Mr. M in Beit Shean, who was shot and badly injured on the day of the Israeli elections in January, was one recipient of a Swiss care package. Nine months after his attack, his life is still upside down, he is in dire financial straits and his family struggles to care for him. The care package was warmly received by Mr. M who was very touched that people all over the world, such as the Federation of Swiss Jewish Communities, remembered him and other survivors. Like Mr. M, Meital expressed her thanks in this note: "I wish all the Jews of Switzerland a happy and healthy new year. May we have a year of peace and serenity. I was injured a few years ago and every day I struggle with my new reality. To know that people care and are concerned for my welfare, makes me be able to stand up and be strong." David from Netanya wrote: "Thank you for your concern regarding our situation. In the merit of people like you, we are truly strengthened and supported." Many other thank you notes were received all expressing their gratitude to the Swiss community for their thoughtfulness.

Bear Hugs for Young Victims of Terror

About a year ago, Claire Ginsburg Goldstein and her eleven year-old son Sam, the only Jewish boy at his school in Bergenfield, New Jersey, pondered what they could do to help young victims of terror in Israel. Sam thought of sending children slightly used teddy bears. Claire thought new ones would be better. And then along came Ellen Siegel and Martin Volerich. Ellen knew of a place that sold below-cost teddies, and Martin offered to create promotional flyers to publicize the project. The Bears from Bergenfield project was born! In the past year, this dynamic team has sent over 4000 teddy bears and approximately 1000 Rosh Hashanah cards to young Israeli victims of terror.

Currently, Claire is collecting bears at the Solomon Schechter Day School of New Milford, New Jersey, where the rest of her children, Shira (10), Seth (7), and Sarah Rose(6) attend school. Over 750 bears were collected over the high holidays.

People continue to come forward to offer their assistance to this worthy project. Offers have poured in from shipping companies and individuals in the USA and Israel generously giving of their time to ensure the teddy bears are transported to Israel and distributed to the youngest victims of terror. Indeed, the collection and delivery of teddy bears has turned into a Bergen County-wide project. Says Claire, "It's very exciting to see every kind of Jew contributing. I know what it feels like to feel lost, or have a loss, and I want to help the children cope with their loss if I can."

Despite the unbelievable success of the Bears from Bergenfield Project, Claire is still hoping to collect many more teddy bears and to include more hospitals in the program in the near future. The greatest challenge for Claire's team is to find carriers or an airline that will be willing to offer them reduced rates for their teddy bear cargo. "I have had great joy in doing this project," smiles Claire, "I've seen the pictures of some of the children who have received our bears. It's "bear"y great!"


Thank you to everyone for their continued support and generosity to the hundreds of terror victims and their families. Without your concern and assistance, NAVAH would be unable to offer its vital outreach and volunteer services to these people who so desperately need help due to the tragic situation they suddenly find themselves in.
Thank you also to the many children throughout the world, who took the time and effort to create beautiful Rosh Hashanah cards that were gratefully received by victims of terror throughout Israel. Your thoughtful gesture brightened the lives of many people over the festive period, and showed them that even the youngest members of society were sensitive to their plight.


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