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TLC Communications Website: Calling Students!

Spending the school year in Israel?

Do you want to be connected to family, friends, or your university back home?
Do you want to find the most inexpensive and convenient way possible to keep in touch with home?

TLC Communications' Students-Plan offers you top service at the lowest possible rates.

We will cater to all your needs for the duration of your stay in Israel with door-to-door service:
The phone you choose will be sent to you for FREE
The cellular phone -- the latest model Nokia or Motorola -- will be leased to you.
Billing is by credit card, and itemized bills will be emailed directly to you, at no charge.

TLC Communications & the schools in Israel recognize the extreme importance of your child's security in Israel. Consequently, TLC Communications has worked hard to build a new text messaging service that enables them to text message a student in the event of an emergency or security warning. This service is free of charge.

· Rental fee: $ 7.99 a month including FREE:
Voice mail
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Incoming text (SMS) messaging
Fax service

· 9.9 cents per minute to Cellcom
· 11.9 cents per minute to a landline
· 27.9 cents per minute to USA, UK, Canada
· Optional insurance -- $4.99 per month

Rates may vary depending on the length of stay
A $100 deposit is required
All prices are subject to change

Have any questions?
Contact our sales associates for Resumermation toll-free at 1-877-878-6264
Please check out our FAQ.

Thank you for choosing TLC Communications

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