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Fly-A-Cake: Thank you letter

Thank you for making a difference!

June 24, 2002

Dear Friend,

No amount of words can truly convey the appreciation all of us at Fly-a-Cake feel for your participation in our "Show You Care" campaign to reach out to the victims of terror in Israel. Your donations that enabled us to assemble and deliver care packages to victims of terror have made a huge impact in their lives. It has shown them that they are not alone, that there are thousands of good people out there who care about them and are praying for their recovery.

Every day we receive emotional phone calls and letters from victims or their families which affirm just how much your generosity has touched their lives.

I would like to share one particularly moving story with you. Yesterday I received a phone call from Mr. Langer, the father of Rotem, a paratrooper who was badly injured two months ago in Shechem. Rotem is now brain damaged and completely paralyzed. He is only twenty years-old. Rotem's father, speaking with great emotion, told me that since Rotem was injured his whole family has cease to function. Crying, Mr. Langer explained to me how much the care package they received meant to his wife. She has taken Rotem's situation extremely hard and somehow this package has succeeded in conveying to her that many people do care for Rotem and his family, that they are not alone in this terrible nightmare. The family drew great comfort from this. Rotem's father also specifically asked me request that people pray for his son's life and health.

On behalf of all the staff and volunteers at Fly-a-Cake, we wish you and your families good health and happiness, and once again thank you for your caring and generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Tehilla Friedman