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TLC Communications Website - Calling Tourists!

Calling all tourists:

Are you traveling to Israel soon?

Will you be vacationing at the enchanting Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth's surface?

Praying in solitude at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem?

Reuniting with family or friends at a Kibbutz?

Meeting your business associates in Tel Aviv?

Whatever your travel plans, enjoy the convenience of a reliable cellular phone - call anyone and be reached at any time!
No more exorbitant hotel phone rates, calling cards, payphones or messages gone awry…

Be connected to the whole world for the lowest rental rates available!

With TLC Communications you receive FREE
· Incoming calls from anywhere in the world
· Caller ID
· Voice mail
· All latest model Nokia and Motorola cell phones are text-message enabled.

Special discounted rate for tourists:
· $0.69 a day cellphone rental
· $0.19 per minute to Cellcom & landline phones
· $0.39 per minute to the USA, UK, Canada
· Optional insurance -- $2.50 per week

All prices are subject to change
Prices may vary depending on the length of your stay.
TLC Communications offers special short-term rental rates
Please ask TLC Communications about its group rates

Special Offers for the Frequent Traveler
Do you visit Israel frequently?

Join our Business Club and enjoy all its benefits:

· Have a personal phone number allotted to you: always yours to give out and put on your business card.
· Enjoy special deals and discounts for our Business Club Members only in hotels, restaurants, guided tours etc.

The following applies to ALL rental contracts:
· Additional daily charges may be avoided by extending contracts before expiration.
· Phones must be returned within 5 working days of contract's expiration.
· Billing cycles end the 3rd week of each calendar month: thus one rental may have more than one charge.
· Billing is via credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
· Itemized bills are emailed directly to you at no charge.

Thank you for choosing TLC Communications
Got any questions? Please check out our FAQ or contact us.

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