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Yad Eliezer Direct Mail Appeal (January 2008)

Dear Friends,

I have recently returned from a trip to Israel. Over the course of my visit I experienced a sense of profound despair and concern for the desperate situation that so many Israeli families find themselves in today. Recent statistics show that one in five Israeli families are now impoverished. The situation is catastrophic. I wanted to share my personal experiences with you in the hope that it will open your hearts to helping our brothers and sisters in Israel.

I am only one of 10,000 volunteers who support Yad Eliezer, an apolitical humanitarian organization that provides food, medical care and financial assistance to over 50,000 people in 17 cities across Israel. Yad Eliezer's services are more in demand now than ever before, and every day it seems brings more families in need to their offices. It is only when you meet the people who turn to Yad Eliezer to feed or help their families, that the human tragedy gripping Israel is truly conveyed.

On a bitterly cold morning in Jerusalem I was working at Yad Eliezer when Miriam entered the office holding her tiny newborn infant. Seeing this little bundle of humanity, I immediately smiled and congratulated the new mother. Miriam burst into heart-wrenching sobs that tore at my heart. The baby, it transpired, was not a newborn, but a malnourished one-year-old boy in desperate need of special baby formula, which she could not afford to provide. Her son had also not seen a doctor since birth because she did not have bus fare to take him to the clinic. Thanks to Yad Eliezer's emergency fund, we were able to render immediate assistance to Miriam.

Miriam, unfortunately, is just one of many Israelis battling to survive. I met many mothers, fathers, children, the very young and the elderly, veteran Israelis and new immigrants, all in desperate need of the very basic rudiments of human existence - food, heat in winter, clothing, furniture, or medicine. Thanks to many generous donations and volunteer efforts, Yad Eliezer is able to provide for some of these needs, but they need your help to be able to cope with the ever-growing number of impoverished Israelis.

Please visit the Yad Eliezer website at http://www.yadeliezer.org/ to learn more about their wonderful services and programs, and how you can help -- either by making a donation or volunteering your time.

Yours truly,

American Friends of Yad Eliezer
1102 East 26th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Tel: 1-888-354-3737
Tel: (718) 258-1580
Fax: (718) 252-0091