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Yad Sarah Stand-Alone Email (Sept. 2008)

Title of mailing:
This Rosh Hashanah, you can help one out of every two Israeli families!

Help for the Homebound
Amit, is a 24 year-old, wheelchair-bound man paralyzed from the waist, due to an injury sustained during his army service. He receives treatments at Yad Sarah's Day Rehabilitation Center which provides para-medical services, physical and occupational therapy, and enrichment activities. His time at Yad Sarah has resulted in an improvement not only in his physical well-being, but it has also lifted his spirits, brought him new friends and uncovered artistic talents he never knew he had!

Click here to help others like Amit receive much-needed rehab and enrichment thanks to Yad Sarah's Day Rehabilitation Center.

Vital Medical Equipment for Loan
Adina, born 3 months premature, spent her first four months of life hooked up to a respirator due to her underdeveloped lungs. When she was finally able to come home, her young parents were able to borrow a cardiac apnea monitor, free of charge, from Yad Sarah that would instantly alert them should Adina experience respiratory distress. The loan not only ensured that baby Adina would come to no harm, it also brought great comfort and reassurance to her parents.

Click here to help others like Adina, who thanks to Yad Sarah, can borrow over 300 different types of para-medical and rehabilitative equipment at no cost.

Help for the Elderly at the Touch of a Button
Shoshana is a frail, 78 year-old widow, living alone in a small, one bedroom apartment. One night last winter, she slipped and fell coming out of her bathtub, and was unable to get up. Fortunately, thanks to one of the vital services provided by Yad Sarah, Shoshana was able to summon help at the touch of a button via her emergency bracelet, which is connected to Yad Sarah's 24/7 emergency call center.

Click here to help others like Shoshana who can live independently, with peace of mind, thanks to this vital service.

About Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah is an Israel-wide network of volunteers aiding ill, disabled, elderly, and housebound people with an array of services aimed at making home care possible. Yad Sarah helps everybody, without discrimination, without bureaucracy, and without charge. Yad Sarah is financed almost completely by donations - no government assistance is received.

Yad Sarah needs YOUR help to continue to be able to provide its myriad of vital services. Yad Sarah helps one out of every two Israeli families. Over 380,000 Israelis use its services annually. Your gift to Yad Sarah this Rosh Hashanah can make a difference in the lives of the entire Israeli population.

Click here to find out more about Yad Sarah.