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Yom2Yom: Press Release

For Immediate Release
January 22, 2002


(Jerusalem) January 22, 2002: A new content share-system, is re-shaping the course of Jewish web traffic. Touted as the "Jewish wisdom supermarket," and already heralded as a revolutionary Jewish Internet tool, Yom2Yom is set to act as an attractive media instrument to generate a dramatic increase in the traffic enjoyed by Jewish websites that are seeking to boost their traffic with exciting contemporary Jewish content.

The aim of this initiative is to provide cutting edge Jewish content to the websites of Jewish organizations such as schools, synagogues, temples, businesses, or clubs. The intention is to not only open up new vistas of Jewish knowledge to the people who visit these sites, but to also boost traffic and membership of local Jewish websites.

www.yom2yom.com's Editor in Chief, Yisroel Roll, a former lawyer, has a strong background in Jewish education and outreach, and has demonstrated his online media creativity with his sites www.encounterUSA.com and www.whymarryjewish.com

www.yom2yom.com provides users the opportunity to read or download information on all aspects of Jewish experience. The information includes works by world-renowned authors that encompass forty categories and up to two hundred subjects including contemporary issues, family life and Jewish thought. Moreover, the resource offers wide-ranging historical information on Jewish history, women's issues, spirituality, love and dating, parenting and psychology.

"www.yom2yom.com is updated daily," explains Mr. Roll, and is available only to Jewish webmasters. A one-month free trial is now available.

For additional information, please contact:
Sol Goldschmidt: imok@imok.ch
Rabbi Yisroel Roll: yr@imok.ch