Algoworks is an IT service provider recognized globally as a technology expert with offices in Sunnyvale, California; Toronto, Canada; and Noida, India. Started in 2006, Algoworks has a the customer retention rate stands at a whopping 99% for customers from US, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America, and the Middle-East. The company has a workforce of around 630+ people worldwide.

We offer services in key areas of enterprise mobile app development, enterprise content management solutions(CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and software product engineering (SPE). Algoworks provides state of the art DevOps services to optimize software processes for businesses. We follow a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end expertise in providing mobility solutions, besides being one of the top service providers on SaaS technologies like Salesforce.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a wide span of technology experts under the same roof - one of the reasons why we are not just fan-favourite, but also recognized among the best technology companies by Deloitte & SiliconIndia!

Algoworks - an IT Service Provider

Our Team

The Algoworks Leadership is comprised of a sweet combination of creative, visionary, and strategic minds. They extend their love for technology to the Algoworks family by cultivating a strong culture, and instilling passion in each one of us towards a common goal. Algoworks is proud to boast a super-large family of super-minds working from offices in India, USA and Canada.

  • Ajeet Singh Co-founder and Director, Business Management

    Ajeet heads Sales and specializes in formulating & executing effective customer coordination. He holds forte in strategy formulation for capturing and building new revenue streams, value articulation across technology products and solutions.

    Ajeet Singh

    Co-Founder & Director,
    Business Management

  • Pratyush Kumar Co-founder & President ASI USA

    Pratyush is Head of global sales for Algoworks and works out of Sunnyvale, CA. Praty has been leading business growth for Algoworks through innovative sales approaches and strategies from 10+ years, while being associated with the Technology industry for 18+ years.

    Pratyush Kumar

    Co-Founder & President ASI USA

  • Rachit Agarwal Co-founder and Director, Delivery and Operations

    Rachit leads operations and delivery for Algoworks. He has good expertise and knowledge of technology as a leader and innovator. He has been helping digital transformations across industries and globe from 15+ years.

    Rachit Agarwal

    Co-Founder & Director,
    Delivery and Operations

  • Ravi Jain Director and Global Head BI I Salesforce

    With 17+ years of extensive experience in spearheading BI, Analytics, Salesforce®️ & Cloud, Ravi is an astute professional who builds leading businesses through his keen insights and tremendous experience. He currently heads the Salesforce and BI Departments.

    Ravi Jain

    Director & Global Head,
    BI | Salesforce®

  • Sanjukta Biswas Head of HR Department

    Sanjukta is the Head of HR Department. Gifted with an eye for spotting the talent, Sanjukta expertly helps everyone maintain the work-life balance. With 13+ years of experience in the field, she manages employee relations, company policies and recruitment drives at Algoworks.

    Sanjukta Biswas

    VP - Human Resources

  • Nauman Ahmad Head of Design and Marketing

    In his 10+ years with Algoworks executing bold, tempting, and unconventional methods, he has pioneered disruptive initiatives at Algoworks. Designing products for maximum impact through Brand Ideation, UX Research & Product Design, Nauman can take care of all your design concerns.

    Nauman Ahmad

    Head of Design & Marketing

  • Arpit Goliya Head of Mobile App Development

    Arpit is a seasoned technologist leading teams for Mobility, Cloud, PMO, DevOps, Blockchain & M/L. Arpit utilizes his 15+ years of experience in consulting clients on competitive market analysis, defining MVPs, product ideation, product monetization, and go live strategies.

    Arpit Goliya

    Head of Mobile App Development

  • Aditi Pujari

    Passionate about programming, Aditi is a Presales Technical Architect for Salesforce and Mobility at Algoworks. Working closely with the Sales Team, Aditi brings just the energy to perfect her team.

    Aditi Pujari

    Presales Consultant

  • Vidit Kumar VP, Business Development, Canada

    Vidit is an expert consultant and is the Head of Sales based out of Canada. Besides his 9+ years experience in planning revenue, nurturing new partnerships and executing new sales strategies, he has expertise mobile & web solutions, Salesforce and SaaS products & services.

    Vidit Kumar

    VP, Business Development,

  • Shreya Sinha

    Working her magic unifying MBA with marketing, Shreya pushes one and all with her infectious drive to run marketing campaigns with vigor and enthusiasm. As a budding digital marketer, Shreya’s charm is conducive towards a productive team environment.

    Shreya Sinha

    Digital Marketing Executive

  • Kamal Sharma

    With more than half a dozen years of experience in Human Resources Department, Kamal specializes in Systematic Talent Hunt Program. He leads from the front and leaves no stone unturned.

    Kamal Sharma

    Talent Acquisition

  • Mariam Fatima Bijli Video and Motion Graphics Designer

    With a mind that gives attention to details and a hand that tends to create digital arts, Mariam or 'MFB' brings ideas to motion quite literally. Working closely with Nauman on animations and video production at Algoworks, she leads in the capacity of the video creator, editor and motion graphics designer.

    Mariam Fatima Bijli

    Video & Motion Graphics Designer

  • Arnav Chakraborty

    Specialized in sales skills and powered by studies on negotiation skills and sales management, Arnav’s fanatic passion towards improving sales process from qualification to the closure is unparalleled. Yes, he is the Alchemist at Algoworks.

    Arnav Chakraborty

    Account Management

  • Nishtha Sharma

    From driving sales leads to forecasting the sales revenue for Algoworks, Nishtha’s zeal for exploring ideas and asking the right questions help her bring fresh strategies to deliver premium customer experience to Algoworks clientele.

    Nishtha Sharma

    Business Development Manager

  • Anurag Mishra

    With a rich and diverse experience in IT Services, ERP consulting, Business Development and Strategy, Anurag is the go-to person for our global clients for almost anything. He can see something where others might see nothing.

    Anurag Mishra

    Business Development

  • Diksha serves the infinite spectrum of content writing at Algoworks ranging from marketing punchlines and precis writing to blogs and video scripts. She take care of content strategy working her way up in the Marketing Department.

    Diksha Jain

    Senior Content Writer

  • Sakshi Rawat

    By identifying, attracting and sourcing qualified talents for organizations, her polished research and profiling skills enables Sakshi’s renowned recruitment techniques.

    Sakshi Rawat

    Sr. Recruitment Specialist

  • Akanksha Mishra Lead Talent acquisition

    Akanksha had joined Algoworks as Lead, Talent acquisition in Mobility vertical. Akanksha uses her 6+ years of professional experience in recruiting the right talent in the company. She excels in multi-tasking dynamic environment utilizing qualification and versatile working exposure.

    Akanksha Mishra

    Talent Acquisition

  • Abhishant Kumar

    Abhishant works as a subject matter expert who ideates strong sales strategies. He also contributes to solving complex problems creating a substantial impact on sales revenue & achieving retention and profitability objectives, all this without compromising quality delivery to clients.

    Abhishant Kumar

    Account Management

  • Surbhi Sajwan

    With a passion for all things marketing and technology, Surbhi is well-versed in analyzing and cracking algorithms of search engines and preparing Algoworks accordingly to fine-tune for highest impact on the internet. And she does this for fun!

    Surbhi Sajwan

    SEO Specialist,
    Digital Marketing

  • Bhaskar Kumar

    Bhaskar is your ‘friendly neighbor spiderman’ - ready to rescue you anytime! Proficient in strategic human resource planning, recruiting, training programs and employee relations at Algoworks, Bhaskar is always around to help and assist you.

    Bhaskar Kumar

    Lead HR Analyst &
    Talent Acquisition

  • Tania Tyagi

    Claiming valuable Human Resources background, Tania is skilled in negotiation, talent management and customer service. With her positive attitude, she exhibits the right energy to make the team productive.

    Tania Tyagi

    Sr. Recruitment Specialist

Our Partnerships

We believe in establishing relationships. We’ve built partnerships throughout our history.
Collaboration is the art of getting results with trust.

Algoworks is in the news

Key Industry Verticals

The key verticals in which Algoworks provides services and
have acute finesse are as follows:

Services of Algoworks
About Algoworks
Algoworks Services Domains
  • Transportation & Logistics
    Zip-zapping time globally and explaining how.
  • Gaming and Education
    An enabler of minds. Game Over!
  • Financial Services
    The end-game of just about every initiative...
  • Retail & E-Commerce
    Everyone uses it, none understand it.
  • Healthcare & Manufacturing
    Avatars who help us tick & kick.
  • Communications & Media
    Cause we ain't apes anymore.

Why Algoworks?

Over the foundation stone of building relationships with clients, the four pillars that stand atop to define the very soul of
Algoworks are as follows:

  • Cosmic Experience

    Algoworks takes immense pride having worked to customer’s satisfaction in 17+ countries worldwide.

  • Complete Transparency

    No hidden charges, no suspicious plans, no conspiracy theories, no private discussions.

  • Uncompromised Quality

    While retaining competitive rates, we ensure that we never compromise with the quality of our products and services we deliver.

  • Technology Competence

    We research the latest trends in the market and invest in the latest technologies to provide robust solutions in various domains with the optimal cost to performance ratio.