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How does the app work?

The app enhances both ends of the recycling process, providing a rewarding user experience, and backend solutions for handlers and processors.
1. Depositing the material

Deposit bottles, cans, etc. into the machine and scan the QR code using the app.

2. Donating to a cause

From the rewards gained by scanning the QR code, you can donate the points to the preferred charity.

trading learning application
3. Sorting, compressing and storing

The smart bin in the RVM uses unique sensors and scanners to determine material eligibility.

4. Transporting and transforming

The PET plastic and aluminum are then sent to the partners who help in preparing the new products from the post-consumer materials.

Screenshots | Intuitive design for easy understanding

track the location of your personnel with mobile app

More about the app

Solving a global issue, one bottle at a time
Sustainable future

The current flaws in personal, single-stream recycling are preventing an effective large scale sustainable economy.

Recycling ecosystem

The app provides a way to directly streamline clean and presorted products from consumers back into the recycling ecosystem.

Converting post-consumer products

The post-consumer plastic product market is growing, with world-wide, name-brand companies pledging sustainability efforts for the years to come.

Technology We Used

Here are the main technologies that we used in design and development of the app

Delivery Timeline

we use agile development methodology for timely delivery

1 iOS Developer, 1User Interface Designer, 1 Quality Analyst

ios app for financial training

2 Months Project Duration