A Robust Portal For US Based Healthcare Service Provider Helped Connect Corporate Employees, Physicians and Insurance Providers

Algoworks developed a Salesforce community based web and mobile solution for a health care service provider, drastically reducing data entry efforts and seamlessly connecting different stakeholders on a single platform.

About the client

Our client is an internationally renowned and leading healthcare service provider catering to large and medium enterprise across United States. The organization specializes in providing  simplified healthcare solutions eliminating  the criticalities faced by the patients and physicians with respect to their insurance policies. It is also one of the top leading partner who provides service to the Physicians for easy accounting, lucid billing and enhanced e-health record maintenance, and a lot more. Our client was already using Salesforce for a myriad of business processes and they wanted a user friendly web portal to connect physicians, patients, corporations and insurance providers associated with them on a single platform.

How We Did It

Salesforce Community Portal

Challenge: An online web solution to connect all Stakeholders

Our client wanted a web and mobile portal solution which would streamline the process of connecting the physicians, corporate employees, corporation decision makers, and myriad insurance policy vendors available in the market. As they were extensively using Salesforce as their primary business process management solution, the new solution should seamless connect with SFDC and at the same time ease the process of data entry in Salesforce.

Solution: Salesforce Community based mobile and web portal

Considering the client’s extensive use of Salesforce, we suggested them to leverage salesforce products itself to create the final solution..Our team designed, developed, and deployed a Salesforce community based web portal to connect all stakeholder, partners, patient, physicians, and insurance service providers in a single platform. This portals had user and role based accesses and allowed both the physicians and the corporate employees to avail the appropriate insurance policies and insurance data. We developed VisualForce pages based application and using lightning components. Because the solution was built on Salesforce itself, updating data in Salesforce no longer remained a challenge.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Access To Corporate Employees

Challenge: How to connect corporate employees with Healthcare service providers

Our client provided services to corporate employees. The new online portal should serve as a platform to provide the corporate employees a lucid way to choose an appropriate insurance policy depending upon their requirement. Because all information was saved on Salesforce, realtime updating of salesforce was a critical requirement. They needed real time integration with healthcare insurance service provider platform as well so that the corporate employees could figure out a lucid way to choose an appropriate insurance policy depending upon their requirement.

Solution: A user role based portal to allow corporate employees select their plans

We created a solution which based on the user information fed, displayed the eligible insurance policies that he can avail. We created a VisualForce based application inside the community portal that allowed the corporate employees to explore the various insurance policies that they are eligible for and choose the policy they wanted to avail through a simple ‘add to the cart’ option. The employees can then eventually activate the chosen plan from the same portal. The portal, which was also integrated with insurance service providers platforms, served as a single point of access for corporate employees allowing them to access all their policy related documents, information etc through a single portal.

Feature Image

Access For Physicians

Challenge: How to collect data from physicians across the country

The Client wanted an efficient solution that would simplify the process of filling the initiation applications by the physicians, thereby reducing the amount of paperwork and automated the process of feeding the information into Salesforce. The new solution would also serve as an interface to allow physicians to submit information about patients (more specifically patients benefitting from our client’s services) to both insurance service provider and the client. The new solution should also be HIPAA.

Solution: Special features in portal to allow physicians add data in platform

To allow physicians submit information both about their practice and about their patients, we developed a set of VisualForce based single page applications which heavily leveraged lightning components. It subsequently allowed automatic real time updation of the data fed by the physicians into Salesforce. The solution also had a module that automatically mapped the eligible insurance policies with patients and physicians in alignment to the data fed in by the physicians. All data collection forms followed strict HIPAA compliance.

Feature Image
Feature Image

3rd Party Integrations

Challenge: How to integrate different insurance provider platforms

The Healthcare service provider also needed a way to transfer all the information fed in by the physicians and the corporate employees to various insurance and healthcare providers like MDlive, Compass, Healthcare Bluebook etc. The main challenge being there were myriad of insurance providers associated with the client and each one used different automatic data exchange protocols. Creating a universal integration solution to encompass all the protocols was a challenge.

Solution: Custom Java Integration Adapter for integrating all platforms

Our development team created a custom Java integration adapter that leveraged the Salesforce and the Insurance service provider APIs to allow real-time data transfer. It aided in real time transfer of data from the physicians to the insurance service providers, from the corporate employees to the insurance policy providers as well as from the insurance service provider to the corporate employees. The integration also allowed the employees to access all their policy information from a single portal and single login instead of logging on multiple websites. The integration adapter was customizable and extendable enough to allow the client to easily add new insurance service providers to the platform.

Feature Image

Mobile Compatible Portal

Challenge: How to bring the solution to mobile devices

Our client needed the new solution to also be mobile compatible so that the solution could be put into use even while on the go. In addition a mobile compatible portal will also increase engagement, and make the process of inputting and accessing data more convenient.

Solution: Salesforce1 Compatible community portal solution

The new portal solution was Salesforce1 compatible allowing users to access the data through Salesforce1 mobile app. Our solution heavily leveraged lightning components and Salesforce Lightning Design System making it easier to make the solution both Lightning experience compatible, and Salesforce1 compatible. The mobile enablement increased the overall usage of the portal, enabled easy updating of data, and gave portal users a way to access information anytime anywhere.

Feature Image


Reduced Paperwork By 70%

Bringing physicians and Patients on web platform reduced dependency on paper forms.

Saved 20 Man Hours a Week

Automation of data entry saved around 20 man hours a week.

Revenue increased by 30%

The portal helped client land bigger deals resulting in increase of business by around 30%.

Better Customer Feedback

User friendly portal and ease of information access garnered positive user feedback across all channels.


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