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key Features

The mobile application offers the following features:

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Save Search Parameters

The app saves the search parameter once the user searches for the job so that when they come back, they don’t have to repeat the entire process again.

No duplicate job postings

The app only shows the user the most accurate job openings and filter out the duplicate ones to avoid waste of any time.

Swipe to save or remove

The user can easily swipe left to remove a job posting and it will never be shown again, or swipe right to save jobs that the user would like and apply to.

Track job application

The user can track the job they have applied to and even add detailed notes to specific job postings. This feature ensures that the user is always updated.

App Screenshots

Visually stunning mobile app screenshots!
track the location of your personnel with mobile app
WebRTC based Video, Audio, and Chat communication app
The process is designed to be quick and simple:
Saving details

The user searches for the job on the app by sharing the details about what they are looking for and saving the information for easy search.

Searching the web

The app runs an extensive search all around the web and looks for jobs that meet the parameters set by the user.

Filtering relevant jobs

The app then presents those jobs to the user so that they can apply or move on to the next one according to their liking.

Hands-on Technical Expertise
Programmers, techies, quality and business analysts showcased their profociency in developing robust business-centric mobile apps.

Delivery Timelines
Stringent Delivery Deadlines using efficacious mobile app development roadmap.

4 months

  • Developers
  • Team Leader
  • Quality Analyst
  • Designer
WebRTC based Video, Audio, and Chat communication application for ios and android
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