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Features of the RideApp

What makes this carpooling app unique?
One of a kind

RideApp is the only user-friendly mobile application in the USA that offers long-distance carpooling at very reasonable prices.

Promotes less pollution emission

The app promotes the idea of saving the planet from more vehicle emissions. The users also get to meet new people on the go!

Roll in as a driver

One can also sign in as a driver and post any trip over 20 miles and make money.

Quintessential Features

Some important elements of the app you must know
Efficient and safe

The mobile application makes ride-sharing simple, efficient, and secure. The user can reserve a ride in just a couple of minutes or post as a driver.

Outstanding design

Unlike other ride-sharing apps, the RideApp allows you to see people’s requests and pick up and drop locations to help you set the price for each trip.


RideApp is also a company that started with the purpose of helping the environment by reducing the amount of carbon monoxide and pollution emitted by cars.

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Technology Used

These technologies were used while developing the app:

Delivery Timeline

Professionalism and expertise are the hallmarks of our work

1 iOS, Android, Node.js, Angular.js Developer each, 1 Quality Analyst, 1 Project Manager, and 1 Designer

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