Salesforce Integration & Custom App Development Project for an American Telecommunication Giant

For a firm famous for its workflow management and business communication services, we created a custom Proposal Generation Solution while integrating SharePoint & Office365 with Salesforce.

About Client

Our client is a leader in workforce management and business communication solutions. They provide communication products which help customer in recording calls, improving content security, managing product and service quality, and managing workforce performance. The client was using SharePoint as their primary content management tool and using the Microsoft 365 suite for calculating quotes, generating proposal, and creating invoices. As all these tasks were related, they needed a single solution to accomplish all the tasks on a same platform and reduce the count of number-of-actions-per-process for all their business processes. In addition they also needed a platform to keep track of their potential opportunities and relationships with current customers. The client approached Algoworks with the problem and based on their requirements we suggested to use a Salesforce platform based solution that would be integrated with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 suite to allow two way communication between platforms.

How We Did It?

One Customer Portal to Access Them All

Challenge: To be able to access all features via single portal

The client had many distinct features in their Salesforce implementation like proposal generator, quote calculator, etc. Instead of training their end agents on Salesforce platform, they preferred a user friendly web-based portal to access all the features.

Solution: and Visualforce pages to create Salesforce portal

We created a very user friendly customer portal using, Customer Portal, Visualforce, and Salesforce Site tools. The portal was secured using a simple login and password that also defined the level of access for users. Administrators had complete access and the portal will display all features that it has, whereas general users would not be able to even view higher access features. Each feature was clearly labeled and ergonomically divided into visually appealing tabs. The portal had every feature that the agent may need. Through the portal, agents of the clients can now access data, edit data, generate quotes, edit proposals, generate proposal, retrieve complete lead data, and even add new leads directly through the user friendly portal. The portal was also made available to customers of the client and became an easy platform to process customer requests, share training material, and even share billing and invoicing details. Salesforce integration with Microsoft products allowed us to display complete training material and invoice data in the customer portal itself. Access to the training material was also enforced according to user hierarchy.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Office 365 and SharePoint Integration

Challenge: To get Office 365 and SharePoint data available in Salesforce

The client used Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to store all their data. They needed a way to access this data, more specifically all the training related documents, and account spreadsheets, through Salesforce portal itself. Overall the database was more than 200GB and thus required a very high performance solution for integration. The available Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce integration apps were not up to the performance challenges or required paid subscription. We needed a custom integration adapter.

Solution: A custom Salesforce Microsoft Product integration adapter

We created a custom Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, and SharePoint integration adapter using .Net framework and RESTful API. The app was hosted upon cloud based Microsoft Azure middleware therefore no on-system installation was required. The whole solution was cloud based. The native Salesforce application was custom built to help the client’s SharePoint database to interact freely with the Salesforce business logic. Overall the app achieved a seamless Salesforce, Office 365, and SharePoint integration. The added benefit of this integration was that now agents can built quotes and using a Salesforce based quote calculator using values stored on Microsoft products, and then directly share the information with end-clients directly through Salesforce portal or Salesforce based email.

Feature Image

Quote Price Calculator

Challenge: To calculate final price of Quote

The client used Microsoft Excel based macros to calculate the quote for each opportunity they were pursuing. The process involved using Excel to calculate quote using data imported from SharePoint documents and then copying the results wherever they were needed. This process involved use of a lot of tools thus increased chances of error and increased processing time.

Solution: A custom Quote calculator in Salesforce

Using Visualforce, Bootstrap, Sencha and other UI tools we created a new page dedicated to calculating quote prices on Salesforce itself. The calculator emulated the business logic of the excel based calculator that the client already had and enhanced it for a better visual presentation. The calculator can import data from Microsoft 365 spreadsheets and can even update the final calculations into new auto-created spreadsheets. The agents can now calculate quote price and store it in the corresponding opportunity data itself.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Custom Proposal Generation Tool

Challenge: To generate a PDF proposal using Salesforce

Every proposal was comprised of common modular sections along with some customer specific modules. The current proposal generation process involved copy-pasting all these modules individually in a Word file and then creating a proposal PDF. It was quite time consuming. The client suggested using the app Drawloop for proposal generation but it lacked necessary features.

Solution: A custom proposal generation tool

We created a custom proposal generation tool based on Drawloop’s features and enhanced it even further. The client can now not only cobble up a custom proposal using radio button selector, they can also edit the modules in the proposal generation screen itself using an inbuilt rich text editor, a feature not present in Drawloop app. The proposal generation tool used Sencha UI and was incorporated in the Visualforce portal we made for the client. Access to the proposal generation feature of the portal was also strictly role based and the agents can now generate and share whole proposal via the portal itself.

Feature Image

Survey using Salesforce Flow

Challenge: An automated after sales survey form

After every sales process the client sends a survey form to its customers for feedback. There was no platform to send and analyze these surveys and no automated process to help send survey faster.

Solution: Creating a survey form platform using Salesforce Flow

We created high performance surveys though innovative and clever use of Salesforce Visual Flow. The form was fully customizable and flexible, and was embedded in a separate Salesforce Visualforce page. After completion of every lead-pursuing process the Salesforce automatically dispatches a survey mail containing the URL of the survey visualforce page to the customer. The client can configure this auto-dispatch mail as per their requirement in the Salesforce and can also manually mail the survey URL. The innovative form platform was one of the first practical application of Salesforce Flow for surveys. We also built separate Salesforce tool to help the client analyze the results of the survey.

Feature Image


Single Platform To Share All Data

Seamless Microsoft 365 , SharePoint, and Salesforce integration ensured that all training material database was now available to everyone via Salesforce.

Customer Satisfaction Now Up By 35%

Sharing training material through the portal increased customer satisfaction. We tracked this increase through Salesforce based survey.

7 Hours Saved Per Week On Proposal Generation

Agents now save up to 7 hours each week in proposal generation process alone through our custom proposal generation tool.

44% Increase In Leads Processed Per Day

Automated quote calculator, proposal generation, and feedback form now help agents process more leads per month.


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