.Net Project For A Multi-Billion Dollar Healthcare Firm Help Upgrade Their Health Insurance Module

A Pennsylvania based Healthcare MegaCorporation approached Algoworks to design their workflow, add analytics module to their Kentico system and improve their customer services by upgrading their health costing estimator

About Client

Our client was a multibillion dollar name in the United States healthcare industry and had specialization in nearly every aspect of the healthcare insurance, hospital services, and other healthcare services. However they were not the only name in the business and to keep their domination in their market they needed every edge they can get. To maintain such an edge they decided to launch an online service targeted at potential customers that could allow them to calculate the cost they may incur in their medical treatment, keeping in account their present medical insurance coverage, and specific treatment’s government and hospital schemes. The client approached Algoworks to help them chart the workflow of the web app as well as develop and deploy the app on their website. Keeping in mind that the client’s website was built on Kentico content management framework, we decided to build the app in ASP.Net technology.

How We Did it

Workflow Of The Web Application

Challenge: How to simplify the workflow of the web application

Calculating the price of a treatment was a complex issue, as one would have to take into account the additional consideration like insurance coverage, government health schemes, and the varied treatment costs depending upon the location. The overall workflow of the app was immensely complex.

Solution: Simplifying and modulating the workflow

The major challenge from our part was to first understand all the intricate workings of US insurance laws and procedures and implement them in the workflow. The workflow was expanded and optimized to give the app capabilities to even calculate the insurance coverage based on the customer’s monthly health coverage payment. We divided the workflow into modules based on Commercial or Employer Sponsored Insurance, Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan based insurance, and self-pay or uninsured customers. This workflow will provide the backbone of the app.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Mobile Friendly JS Forms in Kentico

Challenge: How to implement jQuery based UI in a Kentico system

Since the application was centred on general populace, a very user-friendly and visually appealing UI was the paramount requirement for the app to succeed. Client’s whole website was built upon Kentico content management framework and thus the app needed to be built using the Kentico as the base. However the base UI of Kentico CMS was not up to expectations and the client wanted a more visually appealing jQuery and Javascript based UI for their forms. Not only that they wanted their forms to be mobile friendly and cross browser compatible.

Solution: Creating custom webports to implement mobile friendly forms

Using jQuery based forms in Kentico is easy now, but at the time of development it was very difficult to build cross-browser compatible jQuery forms in Kentico. We achieved this by creating custom Kentico web ports to facilitate the admin to create customizable forms via simple click and add system. The jQuery based forms were very user friendly and visually appealing and at the same time went perfectly with the look and feel of the client’s website. The forms were easy to use on mobile devices and were optimized to perform consistently on all major web browsers.

Feature Image

Treatment Price Estimator

Challenge: A high performing price estimator that is easy to use

Even though the workflow of the app was greatly simplified for its original state, it was still quite complex. The next challenge was to actually implement the price estimator. The estimator should be versatile enough to allow easy changing of insurance calculation rates from the backend, and should be fast enough to bring instant results for users.

Solution: A versatile price estimator using ASP.Net pages.

Since the client used Kentico system, we built our forms using ASP.NET pages. They were easily integrated to the Kentico CMS and we added custom webports to allow webmasters to change text and calculation rates from backend easily. The web app can calculate the estimate of both average price of the treatment, and the amount that the customer would need to pay from their own pocket. The estimator can get cost information for inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments, imaging costs, lab work costs, and all cardiac related tests. However the most important aspect of the app was its performance. The users can get their results in seconds.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Automatic Report Generation

Challenge: How to track the number of user who used the app daily

You cannot judge the success of the app unless you track the increase in the use of the app per month. However since the website already had many tracking services running to keep track of site actions, separate tracking capabilities were required to check the performance of the app.

Solution: Custom Kentico based tool to track application’s performance

Our app had capabilities to track every user action. The app can track daily use of the app as well as detailed user actions of the app. It also kept track of the type of insurance types the users entered and the average coverage of users. The whole performance and tracking data can be access through the Kentico backend and would be available to those authorised to access it. Strict role based access was already implemented and we extended it to our tool as well.

Feature Image


Calculate Treatment Costs In Seconds

The high performance of the app allowed uses to calculate average treatment costs in seconds

Incoming Leads Increased By 21%

The treatment price estimator increased leads through website by more than 21%

The Client Optimized Their Insurance Offerings

Thanks to the insurance data received through the app the client can now optimize their insurance offerings.

Increased Traffic On Website Through App

The app became so popular that it alone increased website's traffic by 18%


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