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A custom native Salesforce App published on AppExchange for easier, faster and smarter management of 'opportunity' on Salesforce

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Ever since its inception in 2006, Algoworks has been working on Salesforce. Having completed over 200+ projects for 95+ clients worldwide, Algoworks has now become a force in Salesforce, be it via Salesforce Silver and Cloud Alliance Partnerships or being ranked 22nd in the list of nation's fastest growing technological companies. Based on their intensive experience they found that opportunity management in Salesforce is one of the least user-friendly features of the Salesforce platform. In fact opportunities management is one feature that their clients left most customization requests for. To tackle this shortcoming, Algoworks decided to create a native Salesforce app to help sales reps manage their opportunities in a more efficient and user friendly manner. What they had been complaining about is not just the lack of features or lack of user-friendly experiences, but it was also about the lack of innovative ideas which they wished to be implemented on their portal. And thus Algoworks Opportunities Manager (AWOM) was born - An app that can not only help you keep track of your opportunities, but also helps you analyse your leads so that you can infer intelligent results based on your opportunities smartly.

How we did it?

Improving user experience for better and smarter opportunity management

Better Opportunity Management

Challenge: Improving Opportunity Management

The main problem with the original Salesforce’s Opportunities Manager was that it was not user friendly. Every request that fetches information or performs updates takes lot of time and resources, consuming in-between actions. Salesforce’s native opportunity management UI was archaic at the best, with a good amount of features no doubt, but also medieval. It was time to revamp it for the better. They all wanted it…

Solution: Creating a novel Pipeline View to observe opportunities

Algoworks proposed adding a page where users can now view their opportunities in a pipeline. This page will depict their opportunities as per the stage they are in. This was like a added feature in the application. Users can change the state of the opportunities by a simple drag and drop. Vital details related to each opportunity are now visible at one glance. Overall amount stuck in each stage is also displayed at the top stage level row. When you install the tool you get a new opportunity management tab in your Salesforce product which gives you more intuitive interface to manage opportunities. For managers, this was irreplaceable idea.

Feature Image
Feature Image

All Opportunites in Single Page

Challenge: To avoid/minimize new tab, new window and page refresh for every action

Salesforce’s native opportunity manager lacks the specific features of being able to view all opportunities on a single page displayed with complete opportunity information. Sure you can view all details about an opportunity when you go to the opportunity detail page but there is no existing feature to view most necessary details on listing page itself.

Solution: A single pagination view to see all opportunities

In our opportunity management tool, along with the pipeline view there is also tabular pagination view to see all opportunities with their necessary details. The pagination view allows you to see your opportunities in a tabular format with customizable columns. These listed opportunities can be sorted by column menus with a single click allowing you to quickly analyse and find necessary opportunities.

Feature Image

Awesome Filters

Challenge: Viewing Opportunities according to their stage or category

Challenge: Viewing Opportunities according to their stage or category. Filtered view of opportunities has always been the problem that the third party applications have solved. It had been useful for those Salesforce's users who had lots of analyzing to do using third party apps to filter and analyze at the same time. But what if you have to filter on the go very fast? We needed high speed filtering features which actually complemented the opportunity management views.

Solution: Multiple filtering headers

We provided a three level filter feature in our opportunity manager tool that allows you to view a condensed list of your opportunities in both tabular format and in pipeline format. With the help of this tool you can not only filter opportunities based on their stage, but also based on their lead source, opportunity type, forecast category, timeframe, account, campaign type, and open/closed filters.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Visual Analysis

Challenge: Depicting data in visual format

Visual representation is the fastest way to take in data. Since we are already going steps ahead to represent the data in tabular and pipeline format, why not go a step ahead and represent it in visual format as well.

Solution: Filter the data for representation

The tool can be used to depict a set of data in pie chart format or bar graph format which gives our data better visualization. The data visualization feature is lighting fast and you can easily switch between bar graph format and pie chart format as per your requirements. You can even filter the data which you may want to represent in visual graph format so that there is a better understanding of data technicalities. The filtering gets instant and just like the main filter features, it provides you multiple filter headers.

Feature Image


Featured by

Our app was featured by Newsletter within two months of its launch.

1000+ active users

Algoworks Opportunity Manager had more than 1000 active users within the first 2 month of its launch and now boasts 2000+ installs.

Rave Reviews

This app enjoys an overall rating of 4.7 stars on Appexchange.

Community Sensation

The app has gone viral in the Success Community getting numerous positive feedbacks from Salesforce MVPs.


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