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Collaborate, Analyze and Design Real Estate Sites in a Click: Spacemaker

The contemporary work culture intensely revolves around document or data sharing through clouds. This is extensively pertinent for maximum industries, but have you ever encountered real estate work proceedings conducted in a digitized manner? Envision developing cities as colossal as Paris that too every week, making use of AI in real estate development. Sounds insane?

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Next-gen Tech Your Manufacturing Business Is Missing Out On

When technology is mentioned, it is typically not far behind. Whether it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, or artificial intelligence (to mention a few), technology is transforming how businesses operate throughout the world. While technology undoubtedly plays a role in digitalization, there are other important issues that must come first in any digitalization

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Technology Trends in Banking

The Emergence of ‘Fintech’ in the Banking Landscape No matter how small or big an industry may seem when viewed from a myopic perspective, yet it abounds immense opportunities for the society at large, given the presence of technology as the key protagonist. For instance, the outbreak of the ‘dot com’ boom has served as

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Top Technology Trends in 2022

A. The Year 2021 and Technology Gaps which Ensue As the world slipped into the year 2021, no sooner did the timeline of events snowball into a picture of death and fury caused by the onslaught of pandemic. However, while some may look at the above situation as a catastrophe others conforming to the old

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accelerating transformation in sales with salesforce ai tools

Accelerated Transformation of Sales with Salesforce AI Tools: The Power of Personalization

In this era of technological innovation, customers expect personalized engagements and recommendations from sales executives. The flourishing role of sales in the customer experience index is no more a secret. AI prediction builders and recommender systems make it valuable to invest time and to explore products. The use of AI tools in decision-making helps sales

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web design trends 2021

Web Design Trends That Will Make All The Rage In 2021

There’s no doubt that immersive user experience plays a key role in conducting an online business while keeping the customers engaged. New trends keep emerging and changing in terms of sustainability, functionality, development, and website design. Conversational interfaces have become extremely popular using creating layouts and even AI. Be it a rudimentary landing page or

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salesforce cpq - uncomplicating sales

Salesforce CPQ: Uncomplicating Sales

Want to configure the complex quotes faster with a few numbers of errors? Or want to speed up the sales cycle associated with complex quotes with increased revenue? Both of the situations demand to discard manual methods of quoting and switching over to automation by using a CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) software. The robust

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Google signs up Verizon

Google Ropes in Verizon for Google Cloud Contact Center AI Service

Google today announced that it has signed up Verizon as the newest customer of its Google Cloud Contact Center AI service, which aims to bring natural language recognition to the often inscrutable phone menus that many companies still use today. For Google, that’s a major win, but it’s also a chance for the Google Cloud

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salesforce launches covid19 search

Salesforce COVID-19 Search: A New AI-Powered Search Tool

From February to May 2020, the number of scientific papers published on COVID-19 skyrocketed from 29,000 to more than 138,000, according to Salesforce. As people around the world step up to help, the number will continue to grow exponentially, with projections to swell to more than one million by the end of 2020. The company

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