Are you interested to know the right time to go for an out of the box CRM software?

Choosing an out of the box, CRM software for your firm is an excellent practice. They’re popular for a reason: they meet the majority of corporate needs and give an out-of-the-box customization framework for modifying CRM systems. Similarly, out of the box, CRM software isn’t inherently inferior to more flexible solutions; nevertheless, like with any

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Quick Integration Between Facebook Messenger and Salesforce

Integrating your Salesforce with Facebook messenger can change your business equation with the customers. With more than two billion active users on Facebook, the social media platform has proved its mettle for business. From running advertisement campaigns to providing the platform to connect with the consumers. More than 150,000 companies around the globe are using

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A Proud Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Partner – Algoworks

Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Partner – A title we carry with pride and excitement for the future. Salesforce Crest (Gold) Consulting Partner to Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Consulting Partner- Our Recent Advancement! The organization is proud to announce our enormous efforts and accomplishment in achieving this ground-breaking milestone in such a short span of time. Algoworks has

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How can you leverage ERP and CRM Integration for Manufacturing Industries?

It may seem contradictory to say that business software may assist manufacturers to decrease waste and promote leaner procedures. Isn’t investing time and money in a new system causing additional waste? Although it may appear obvious, the truth is that enterprise software provides the most effective tools for supporting lean manufacturing. Some say it’s a

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Algoworks Is Now a Registered Partner For Non-profit Salesforce

For over 10 years, Algoworks has been offering remarkable services in Salesforce consultancy, integration, development, and customization – around Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Sales Cloud, Pardot, CPQ, Einstein Analytics, and many more. We are thrilled to announce that Algoworks is now a “Registered Salesforce Nonprofit Consulting Partners”. Salesforce collaboration with their partners grows

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Salesforce will Manage Your Health in the Future Here's How

Salesforce will Manage Your Health in the Future: Here’s How

One of the biggest industries across the world, the health industry hit a new bar when the COVID-19 pandemic spread unrestrained last year in 2020. In 2019, the global healthcare market was estimated to be at $185 Billion and is expected to reach $662 Billion by 2026. Apart from the common factor that we have

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salesforce predictions 2021

What are the Top Salesforce Predictions for 2021? : An Algoworks Study

Phew! What a challenging year we have been through together. 2020 totally rattled us and changed the way we could go about our business and life. However, the pandemonium that followed, forced many business executives to change their strategy and innovate. Salesforce is one such case study of a fast-moving industry that brought a lot

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Algoworks becomes Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner

Algoworks Joins the Salesforce Talent Alliance Program

Algoworks recently collaborated with Salesforce to join their Salesforce Talent Alliance program. Salesforce Talent Alliance connects partners to Salesforce candidates and brings new talent into the ecosystem, with the focus on creating a culture of inclusion and a diverse workforce that reflects society around the world. The program entails Salesforce partners committing to recruiting new

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