How Can Software Consulting Company Benefit Your Business?

Change is evident everywhere be it healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, automobile, FMCG, and any other segment. Technology is one common link that is a driving force in general. A business’s survival has become dependent on its ability to keep all of its operations running efficiently and profitably. There comes the role of software consulting firms

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Tech trends for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development industry in 2021 is continuously blooming, that is helping the corporates to win the consumers. Since the advent of smartphones, the mobile app development business is ceaselessly evolving. Advancements in technology, rise in consumer demand, and many other factors have an instantaneous impact on mobile application development trends. The most vital and

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Mark Your Documents with Algoworks PDF Watermark App for Salesforce®

Copyright Infringement? Plagiarised content? No attribution for your content? Worried about drafting your PDFs the right way? There is a solution to these document and content related problems now. Algoworks PDF Watermark App is designed to resolve all these problems with one of the best PDF Watermark tools on the Salesforce AppExchange ® online marketplace.

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Mean stack vs Jamstack

Here is the war of the tech future! The adrenaline tweak for developers, who want to count the blows given by the two opponents in the ring: MEAN Stack vs JAM Stack, Jam Stack- might be the new-kid-on-the-block, but it’s not definitely any weaker than the old-is- gold MEAN. So let’s find out who wins

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mean stack in the future

Mean Stack: Does it Have a Future?

What is MEAN Stack? Simply defined, MEAN Stack is an end-to-end script based on Java Tech. It is used in the development of web applications. MEAN and MERN stacks are the current competitors because both of them come with their unique features; where MEAN Stack is a popular choice of small and medium enterprises because

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dotnet and uno platform

Write Once, Run Everywhere with .NET and the Uno Platform!

Microsoft may have ended their support for native mobile applications, but they continue to promote platform-agnostic solutions for development teams. After their purchase of Xamarin in 2016, Xamarin.Forms has seen considerable growth in popularity, and since .NET Standard and .NET Core provides an easy and intuitive way to create and manage libraries for all target

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google appsheet acquisition

Google Acquires Seattle-based No-Code App Development Platform, AppSheet

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has agreed to buy Seattle, Washington-based no code platform provider AppSheet for an undisclosed sum. The deal is the latest under CEO Thomas Kurian, as GCP takes an increasingly acquisitive approach to growth. It comes seven months after GCP’s $2.6 billion buy-out of analytics and business intelligence startup Looker. AppSheet founder

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mobile app development trends

Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Do you know what they say about the app development industry? -“It only gets better.” In a time when the world is leading to absolute digitalization, mobile applications are obtaining enormous traction in all aspects of everyday life and are becoming an essential part of the digital world. For the past few years, tech giants

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top gaming and retail app developer

Algoworks Recognized As A Top Gaming & Retail Mobile App Developer By Clutch

Algoworks is proud to announce that we have been recognized as an Industry Leader for mobile app development in games and retail by Clutch. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C. that uses client interviews to evaluate and verify service providers. Their team connects businesses with the best service providers

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Intelligent apps

Intelligent Apps – The Next Step Forward In Advanced Mobile Application Development

In today’s digital era, mobile applications are being used to perform functions in every possible segment of any given industry. Technology has become one of the key components of building top quality mobile applications which has resulted in an increased growth of business. Integration of new technologies with the existing ones will enable more efficiency

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