JavaScript or Python, Which one will help you, develop your goals for 2022

Opportunities that 2022 Behold While taking a sneak peek into the year 2022, a world of opportunities is tied loose for professionals foraying into the domain of technology and infrastructure. To name a few, the sheen over the profession of data science will continue to dominate the contemporary IT market in the following year as

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Mean stack vs Jamstack

Here is the war of the tech future! The adrenaline tweak for developers, who want to count the blows given by the two opponents in the ring: MEAN Stack vs JAM Stack, Jam Stack- might be the new-kid-on-the-block, but it’s not definitely any weaker than the old-is- gold MEAN. So let’s find out who wins

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mean stack in the future

Mean Stack: Does it Have a Future?

What is MEAN Stack? Simply defined, MEAN Stack is an end-to-end script based on Java Tech. It is used in the development of web applications. MEAN and MERN stacks are the current competitors because both of them come with their unique features; where MEAN Stack is a popular choice of small and medium enterprises because

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javascript frameworks 2021

Top JavaScript Frameworks: What’s Going to Rule 2021?

The year 2020 underwent the most outrageous global coronavirus pandemic. This ongoing crisis also affected all aspects of human existence in utter terms. The IT industry is still impacted by this pandemic, but it is one of the global industries that pushed ahead in 2020 and is expected to move faster in 2021 as well.

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tips to improve javascript performance

Top JavaScript Performance Improvement Tips to Follow to Ace your Next Development

Over the past few years, JavaScript has emerged as the saving grace for next-generation Scripting developers. From servers, games, blogs, operating systems, and even robots, JavaScript is deemed as the leading scripting language. Not only that, but JavaScript is also one of GitHub’s most common languages too. One of the most critical things when designing

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javascript trends 2020

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks That Developers are Ready to Opt in 2020

The world of programming is ever-changing. It makes it crucial for app development companies to keep themselves updated with the best JavaScript frameworks. Considering the top frameworks in 2020 is a profitable decision that can prevent companies from investing in a less preferable framework that has lost its popularity. Keeping this in mind, we have

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Best Frameworks for Progressive Web Apps

5 Best Frameworks That Are Most Suitable For Progressive Web Applications

What are Progressive web apps? A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that possesses modern web capabilities and offers an app-like experience to its users. These apps are developed using web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser can support PWAs. PWAs offer functions like push notifications,

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Hermes JavaScript engine by Facebook

Hermes – Latest Open-source JavaScript Engine Launched By Facebook

Facebook is continuing its open-sourcing spree with the launch of a new JavaScript engine designed to improve the performance of big apps on Android devices, the company announced today at the Chain React conference in Portland, Oregon. Mobile apps are getting increasingly larger, which can pose problems — particularly for devices with limited storage or

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Electron js applications

What’s in the Store with the Latest Version of ElectronJS?

What is ElectronJS? Developed by GitHub, Electron is an open-source JavaScript framework that aids in developing cross-platform apps by making use of current, existing web technologies. It combines the Node.js runtime and the Chromium rendering engine. Electron is the chief GUI framework that backs various open-source projects like Visual Studio Code, Atom, Light Table, Slack.

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Why Adopt NativeScript for App Development?