Is 5G Technology The Future of Mobile App Development?

5G technology is no more a new concept to the audience around the world. In fact, reports state that by 2025, 5G will account for as high as 15% of the international mobile industry, amounting to a forecasted 1.4 billion integrated devices. Hardly any of us thought a few years back that millions of GB

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Budget for An App Similar To Netflix

video streaming app

Want An App Similar To Netflix? Check Out The Budget Constraints!

Video streaming apps are becoming more and more popular with every passing day and eventually, it will declare an extinction on the television technology. The world is switching to the myriad video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. People are cutting out the endless drama and shifting to such web series which are exclusively

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Why Discovery Phase Is Important For Mobile Applications?

A- Introduction Mobile app development should always start with a Discovery phase. This phase helps in defining business goals, marketing objectives, targeting user bases, feature lists and, most importantly, the overall viability of the app from a business perspective… Along with business objectives, one of the biggest advantages of the Discovery phase is clarity on

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Elements of Successful Mobile Apps

5 Essential Elements of Successful Mobile Application

A- Preface The app revolution is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down. Across the globe, businesses have realized the value of mobile application development in order to serve customers and gain a competitive edge. Only a good mobile application interacts efficiently with end-users and helps in achieving business goals. But what are those

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9 Best Practices For Deploying Top Ranking Mobile Apps

Best Practices for Deploying Mobile Apps

9 Best Practices for Deploying Top-Ranking Mobile Apps

Today digital life has resulted in users living in a swarm of millions of thousands of apps. Looking at the number of apps today, it gives an assumption that apps are probably easy to create but to come up with an idea of app is not easy. And even more difficult is the conceptualization, development

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5 Important Considerations For Mobile Application Development Process