Iot and Mobile App Integration

The Digital Industrial Revolution is Here with IoT and Mobile App Integration

“There’s an app for that.” You must have heard this phrase in passing. This is certainly getting truer as tech advances to reach new heights and cloud platforms become all-encompassing. As the internet spreads its wings wider, newer apps are being built each day and are helping consumers manage life in general with ease. The

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dotnet and uno platform

Write Once, Run Everywhere with .NET and the Uno Platform!

Microsoft may have ended their support for native mobile applications, but they continue to promote platform-agnostic solutions for development teams. After their purchase of Xamarin in 2016, Xamarin.Forms has seen considerable growth in popularity, and since .NET Standard and .NET Core provides an easy and intuitive way to create and manage libraries for all target

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5 skills for mobile app developers 2020

5 Skills Every Mobile Application Developer Should Possess In 2020

As indicated by the leading business partners and global players of the IT industry, the requirement for versatile applications to oversee online business is continually on the ascent. According to an estimate, the yearly customer spending in the App Store will cross around $157 billion by 2022. Innovation is changing constantly and in the past,

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Hermes JavaScript engine by Facebook

Hermes – Latest Open-source JavaScript Engine Launched By Facebook

Facebook is continuing its open-sourcing spree with the launch of a new JavaScript engine designed to improve the performance of big apps on Android devices, the company announced today at the Chain React conference in Portland, Oregon. Mobile apps are getting increasingly larger, which can pose problems — particularly for devices with limited storage or

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Intelligent apps

Intelligent Apps – The Next Step Forward In Advanced Mobile Application Development

In today’s digital era, mobile applications are being used to perform functions in every possible segment of any given industry. Technology has become one of the key components of building top quality mobile applications which has resulted in an increased growth of business. Integration of new technologies with the existing ones will enable more efficiency

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Budget for An App Similar To Netflix

video streaming app

Want An App Similar To Netflix? Check Out The Budget Constraints!

Video streaming apps are becoming more and more popular with every passing day and eventually, it will declare an extinction on the television technology. The world is switching to the myriad video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. People are cutting out the endless drama and shifting to such web series which are exclusively

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Big Data for mobile apps

How Big Data For Mobile Apps Isn’t As Bad As You Think!

Use of smartphones have surged to a level beyond imagination and mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. The tremendous amount of data that customers use on a regular basis can be gathered and meaningful insights can be drawn from them that would eventually help a lot for building mobile apps. The

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