Cross Platform Web Apps With dotNet Core

Top Reasons for Enterprises to Build Cross-Platform Web Apps with .Net Core

Not too long ago, the alternatives available to businesses for fully customized enterprise applications with novel features were extremely limited. Thus, these businesses had to spend a huge sum of money to get the desired results. The applications that serve the purposes of the businesses can have an unusually large number of components, cater to

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xamarin for android and ios development

Xamarin for iOS and Android Development: The Fors and Againsts

“If you can afford it, use Native” is one of the most common things you get to hear when it comes to selecting which technology to use for mobile app development. The reality of it is usually not that straight-forward. The questions that should be asked before development would be on the lines of –

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5 skills for mobile app developers 2020

5 Skills Every Mobile Application Developer Should Possess In 2020

As indicated by the leading business partners and global players of the IT industry, the requirement for versatile applications to oversee online business is continually on the ascent. According to an estimate, the yearly customer spending in the App Store will cross around $157 billion by 2022. Innovation is changing constantly and in the past,

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NativeScript 6.0

NativeScript 6.0: Latest Features, Powerful Updates, & More!

When it comes to cross-platform app development, NativeScript is known for its calibre. It is an open-source framework that aids developers in developing applications on the Android and iOS platforms. NativeScript apps are created using JavaScript or TypeScript. The framework also supports VueJS and AngularJS frameworks. The latest version of this highly-appreciated framework, NativeScript 6.0

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Think Smart. Go Xamarin!

Xamarin App Development

Low On Budget? Resource Crunch? Think Smart. Go Xamarin!

When your enterprise plans to launch an app, which path do you pick: Native app development or Cross-platform app development? Native app each for android, iOS, Windows takes more effort but pays attention-to-details. On the contrary, developing a cross-platform application uses a single framework reducing time and cost efforts but seems likely to compromise on

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Xamarin Forms

Development Of Native UI Mobile Applications Using Xamarin Forms

A- Introduction Xamarin.Form is a framework which allows developers to rapidly create cross-platform user interfaces. Applications developed using such framework can be shared across various platforms which include Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone. Such UI is rendered using native controls of the target platform. This implies that Xamarin.Forms applications help in retaining the apt

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