Most Popular Node.js Frameworks For App Development

SEO For AngularJS Apps

A Developer’s Guide to Perform SEO on AngularJS Web Apps

Before May 23, 2014, if you would have asked me to create a search-engine-bot-crawlable JavaScript website for you, I would have tried to discourage you, vehemently. Now if you would ask me, I would tell you that that’s the way to go. Just about all JavaScript MVC frameworks, that include AngularJS, modify the inner content

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Most Popular Node.js Frameworks for App Development

Fast and scalable. High performing and robust. Node.js was every web application developer’s dream come true. But like every new technology, coding in Node.js from scratch is a little time-consuming and requires a lot of repetitive programming. The solution to this problem was simple and time-tested-> build a pre-fabricated framework. And thus Express.js, Koa, Sails.js

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Why Choose AngularJS for Your Next App?

Browsing through a million lines of codes with their geeky spectacles on, the web developers who are busy making our lives incredible and easier seldom have time to rejoice like the most of us. And then a certain Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons are born to come up with ideas that make the lives of

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