google and apple contact tracing app

Apple and Google Join Forces, Design a Contact Tracing App to Fight Coronavirus

Apple and Google announced on Friday an unprecedented collaboration to leverage smartphone technology to help trace and contain the spread of coronavirus. The collaboration will open up their mobile operating systems to allow for the creation of advanced “contact-tracing” apps, which will run on iPhones and Android phones alike. The apps would work by using

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When you should not go for React Native

When you should not REACT to React Native?

In the world of app development, React Native: the open source programming language utilizing JavaScript has hailed a big spot. Hybrid app frameworks have taken major steps to bridge the massive gap between the performance of native apps and the ease of its development. Facebook’s React Native is on the leading edge of this technology

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Mobile App in React Native

You May Be Overreacting To React Native. Or Maybe Not!

Inception Developers when used to work on any cross platform application they used to face many application performance issues and these application owners have to compromise on delivering stage as developers used to fail in offering the same smooth experience to their users as native could give. Since not everyone can afford the native development

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iOS 10 and Xamarin

Xamarin And iOS10 App Development – What’s New

iOS 10 SDK is in the market. Apple has added various new APIs and services for the developers to create new categories of apps and features. Let us first see what’s new in Xamarin for iOS 10: Xamarin 10.0 Pre-Requisites Last version supporting classic profile (i.e. `monotouch.dll`) was Xamarin. iOS 9.10 which was quite similar

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9 Best Practices For Deploying Top Ranking Mobile Apps

Best Practices for Deploying Mobile Apps

9 Best Practices for Deploying Top-Ranking Mobile Apps

Today digital life has resulted in users living in a swarm of millions of thousands of apps. Looking at the number of apps today, it gives an assumption that apps are probably easy to create but to come up with an idea of app is not easy. And even more difficult is the conceptualization, development

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iCloud Drive: Apple’s New Move To Store Important Business Documents

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive: Apple’s New Move

iCloud Drive: Recently Apple launched iCloud Drive which was officially announced along with iOS8. Apple has given its users a solution to manage documents across their iPhone, iPad and Mac. The freedom being ability of users to work with the document of their choice on the device of their choice at the time of their

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